Wednesday, October 15, 2008

That Was A Good Nap

Yes, I'm still here.

Lots of folks have been asking why I haven't been posting and there's only one reason, actually. I'm working on the book. Reading that line just now, it just dawned on me that that's not a very good reason for my blog-silence. Still ... I'll go with that.

So, it's on this crisp fall Sunday afternoon, I've decided to share with my blog friends, something I wrote a couple of weeks ago. It's not something I would ever post on the Eldercation site in that I'm careful to keep things pretty down-the-middle here; I won't share things like political views and the like. Well ... okay ... I talk about the Mets every now and then, so you all know where I stand on the baseball front. After their latest mental meltdown, however, I won't even go there. At least not until pitchers and catchers report. Then - we'll see.

Biggest Election Of My Lifetime - Is that an overstatement? Perhaps. Let's just say this is an important one. I'll leave it at that.

Having said that, my journal writing over the past year or so always seems to have something about the Presidential campaign and, now that the big day is fast approaching, I decided to submit one of my pieces to the KC city paper - The Kansas City Star. And the good news is, they liked it. So much so, they published it this week. Well ... sort of. Aside from changing the title, having me cut out about 200 words (they then cut out 150 or so more) and spelling my name incorrectly 66% of the time - I have to say I was still happy the piece made the paper. (See - "Follow The Lead Of Our Informed Older Citizens, Kansas City Star - 10/14/2008) It was good to be able to fold together (i) my feelings about older people as well as (ii) my opinion about the way our political system has been developing. The original, full-length piece is, I think, much better, so that's what I'm posting below.

Enjoy and, most important, make sure you vote on November 4.

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